Volunteer Spotlight: Hector’s Journey

In the connected world of grief support, there are individuals who shine like radiant threads, weaving compassion, dedication, and resilience into the lives of those dealing with loss. Meet Breana Crenshaw, a glowing example of someone who not only brought professional expertise but also a heart deeply touched by personal loss when she joined Bridges of Hope in the fall of 2021...

Building Resilience through Hope, Hooves, & Healing

The Lambright family has faced unimaginable challenges since the tragic loss of their beloved mother, Reshana Lambright. Shana, as she was affectionately called, was killed in a devastating Amtrak/car collision on Remount Rd on October 30, 2021. With the children aged 13, 10, and 6 left to navigate the complexities of grief, Deangelo, Delia, and Montrel found solace and support through the Stepping Stones Grief Support Program, a transformative experience provided by Bridges of Hope.

Leading the Way: Novie Payne

An Interview with Novie Payne: "It can be difficult to hear some of the details of how someone’s loved one died. Our loved ones live on in our hearts, so sometimes recalling a cherished memory can make us laugh out loud or simply smile in remembrance of them. Also, I admire how resilient kids are. When they have a strong support network and an organization like Bridges of Hope to help them navigate the grief process, they can heal and...

Our Rivalry Week Giving Challenge is Live!

For all of you college football fans, Rivalry Week is officially here! On Saturday, November 25th not only will Clemson face-off against South Carolina for the Palmetto Bowl but teams around the country will battle their arch rivals including Alabama vs. Auburn, FSU vs. Florida, North Carolina vs. NC State, & Ohio State vs. Michigan just to name a few. And now you can do more than just wear your gear & cheer - you can get in the game by joining the Rivalry Week Giving Challenge to benefit Bridges of Hope!

Finding Hope One Step at a Time

Meet Tyrell, a brave 13-year-old boy who had to face the unthinkable - the death of his beloved mother after she underwent a kidney transplant and fell ill. With his life suddenly uprooted, Tyrell found himself shuttling between his aunt's and grandmother's homes, struggling to cope with his overwhelming grief. In the wake of this devastating loss, Tyrell and his family found solace in...

A Fall Full of Hope

As the seasons change, so can our grief. So, we've designed a fall full of activities to empower you & your family to connect & grow. Mark your calendars and plan to join us this season! And as the newest member of the Bridges of Hope, I look forward to meeting you soon.


Standing in the Gap: A Legacy of Compassionate Care

Standing in the gap is a great way to describe most of what was done here at the Hospice Cottage. As clinical professionals, you stood in the gap between pain and comfort. As behind-the-scenes support staff, you stood in the gap between frustration and peace of mind. As volunteers, you stood in the gap between loneliness and comfort. As a donor, you stood in the gap between a stressful ICU and a peaceful home-like cottage for care. As an artist, you stood in the gap between a sterile setting and a place of beauty. Regardless of your role, you stood in the gaps between isolation & community, shock & acceptance, hopelessness & meaning...

Bridges of Hope Takes Flight

Today as we officially begin the 2021-22 program year, we are delighted to debut our new organization logo and a fully revamped website. Our new logo features warm shades of blue, green & yellow to convey a sense of safety, nurture, and growth. The kites...

A New Community Ritual – Hope Blossoms

With 32 years of offering a Candlelight Memorial Ceremony in the fall, Bridges of Hope is pleased to begin offering a second community ritual each spring. Hope Blossoms is a unique opportunity to gather as a community & plant in memory of someone who has died. This ritual will provide a safe space to honor someone by emphasizing life though a living memorial, such as a plant, all while blossoming hope for our new beginnings.

New Year – New Mission-New Name-

Last summer, we shared the important strategic decision to shift from being a broad end-of-life advocate to become a grief-focused organization (read the full announcement here.) So, with our new mission in place to focus on the needs of children, teens, & their families grieving a death, we are now pleased to debut our new name: