The Lambright family has faced unimaginable challenges since the tragic loss of their beloved mother, Reshana Lambright. Shana, as she was affectionately called, was killed in a devastating Amtrak/car collision on Remount Rd on October 30, 2021. With the children (ages 13, 10, and 6) left to navigate the complexities of grief, Deangelo, Delia, and Montrel found solace and support through the Stepping Stones Grief Support Program, a transformative experience provided by Bridges of Hope.

The family’s journey toward healing began when the children enrolled in January 2022. Deangelo and Delia attended Shannon’s Hope Camp, while Montrel participated in the Sand Dollar Club at his school. In addition, Deangelo engaged in a special art-focused day camp specifically designed for teenagers, showing the family’s dedication to exploring different paths to healing.

Yvette, their grandmother, expressed her gratitude after the kids’ first camp experience, particularly highlighting Delia’s positive response. Delia’s enthusiasm echoed through her description of the camp as “totally awesome,” signaling the impactful nature of the program on the family.

The Lambright family continued their engagement in community initiatives, actively participating in several Monthly Family Workshops. Most recently, Delia and Montrel took part in Hope, Hooves & Healing – a unique and therapeutic 3-part series that utilizes equine-assisted activities (horsemanship) to promote self-awareness, communication, and healing. This series was a pilot program in partnership with Charleston Area Therapeutic Riding Center.

The sessions unfolded with profound significance. The family, alongside other children & remarkable horses, explored non-verbal communication, grooming, and caring for the equine companions. The horse-centric activities served as mirrors for self-awareness, allowing the kids to connect with the horses on a deeper level.

As the series progressed, Delia and Montrel actively engaged in leadership activities, developing effective communication skills and fostering a strong bond with their equine partners. The program also emphasized self-care, as participants prepared and offered food to their horses, symbolizing the tangible expression of their growing connection.

The peak of the series was the exhilarating experience of mounting and riding their horses, culminating with medals & certificates to mark the children’s growth. Delia, in particular, emerged as a shining example of resilience. Overcoming her initial fear, she not only connected with the horse but also spoke more openly about her grief, the coping skills she finds helpful, and experienced a significant increase in her self-confidence. Montrel echoed Delia’s sentiments, expressing the positive impact of the series on his own journey through grief and personal growth.

In the wake of tragedy, the Lambright family found hope, healing, and a renewed sense of connection through the compassionate support of the Stepping Stones Grief Support Program and the transformative experiences offered by the new Hope, Hooves & Healing series. Their story is a powerful reminder of the strength that can emerge from the darkest moments, showcasing the profound impact of community and healing programs on the human spirit.