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Who says it has to be the New Year to start a New Year???

A countdown for the remainder of the year appeared on the news this morning counting down the days until Thanksgiving, the first day of winter, Christmas, and New Years Day. It said there were 48 days left before 2019. It’s crazy to me that we are getting that close to 2020! It made me think

Am I the only one who dreads the holidays?

Yesterday I went to the local home improvement store to get some items for my front yard to make it not look so dreary as autumn sets in and robs nature of its color for a few months. I don’t know why I was surprised, but the store was already full of holiday decorations. I

There’s No Crying In Camp! (Well, maybe a little…)

We apologize for the absence on the blog, Shannon’s Hope Camp happened this last weekend and there was a lot of prepping that monopolized all of our time over here at Bridges!  At the end of camp while the few last kids were waiting for their parents, one child said, “I thought we would be

What is your story?

I am a big sports fan, I watch all of it. What I love most about watching any sort of athletic broadcast is learning the back stories of the athletes–learning what they went through to get to where they are today. During Monday Night Football this week, there were amazing stories featured about players on

My Last Days, Claire Wineland, & Living Life to the Fullest

If you feel as if your life could use a jumpstart or just want to be inspired, I would encourage you to head over to YouTube and click play all on the “My Last Days” playlist. “My Last Days” is a docu-series created by SoulPancake (the people behind Kid President among other inspiring things). In each

We all need to plan ahead

The last couple weeks have brought several high-profile deaths to the forefront of our newsfeeds and conversations. The loss of Aretha Franklin was not only a big one for the music community, but also for her loved ones. What was shocking for me to learn was that she had not prepared a will or instructions

Will I Forget My Loved One? A review of a children’s grief book and how it can help adults too

Will I Forget My Loved One? A review of a children’s grief book and how it can help adults too

What to do when you don’t know what to say

There are few words that accurately describe the gravity of emotions and feelings one experiences when grieving. There are physical and emotional effects that can throw a body into disarray. What few also account for is what grief does to the people around the bereaved. Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook, abruptly lost her husband

What is Scarier Than Talking About Death?

There are several great books, short documentaries, and movies out there that emphasize the fact that we are all here for a finite amount of time. However, I’m not sure we really live that way, at least I don’t usually on a day-to-day basis. We will cover this very topic several times in our blog

Bridges for End-of-Life Announces New Program Staff

Bridges’ for End-of-Life is excited to welcome Nicole Garcia and Sarah Eadon as our new Program Manager and Program Coordinator! Nicole joined our team after years in the nonprofit sector and has a huge passion for working with grief support and end-of-life issues. Sarah has been working with us as an AmeriCorps VISTA over the

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