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Community Education

An essential component of helping families navigate challenging end-of-life situations is educating the public on important topics well in advance of a health care crisis. To do just that, we offer information and resources in neighborhoods around the Tri-County through:

+ Health & Wellness Fairs (MUSC Senior Expo, Mt. Pleasant Senior Resource Summit)
+ Resource Fairs (CCSD First Day Festival, Charleston Kids Fair)
+ Other Community-based Events

In addition, we also provide our own community education programs including:

+ Start the Conversation Game Events (using the Hello Game from Common Practice)
What Matters Most: An Intergenerational Festival Exploring the Art of Living Fully to the End 

We are always looking to expand our reach, so please contact us with community fair recommendations that we might participate in as well as to learn more about hosting a “Start the Conversation” game event at your civic/social organization, church, synagogue, mosque, senior center, community center or other community meetings and locations.