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Thank You for Being a Bridge Builder!

We are grateful for your active participation in the mission of Bridges for End-of-Life. Together we are building a bridge to a future where the difficult reality of death is acknowledged, rather than avoided, inspiring each person to live fully, and when the time comes, experience dying well.

This is a future where all families talk candidly about their wishes, hopes, and fears regarding end-of-life; a future where patients are empowered to make informed health care decisions; a future where health care professionals and family caregivers have the skills they need to provide compassionate, holistic care; a future where each person is inspired to focus on what matters most until life’s end; a future where all can grieve, heal, and grow after the death of a loved one.

Your gift will help make this vision a reality:

Thank you for being a bridge-builder, for bridging the gap between the endings we fear and final chapters of life that we long for and deserve; for bridging the gap between frayed relationships and reconciliation; for bridging the gap between the grief of loss and the renewal of hope.


dollars purchases art supplies for therapeutic activities for grieving students in our Sand Dollar Club at a local elementary or middle school.


dollars sponsors a family of four to participate in our Family Day Camp where they learn how to navigate together the loss of a loved one.


dollars prepares a family caregiver or social worker to provide compassionate care by attending our annual workshop series.


dollars sends a grieving child to Shannon’s Hope Camp to connect with kids who “get it,” learn important coping skills, and build resilience.